Urm…… Hi?

Or maybe I should say ‘Goodbye’ considering this is a “Farewell fuckyeahgeorgeeads!” post….

Anyway. I’ll get straight to the point. This blog hasn’t been updated in donkeys years for various reasons. The main one being how tedious it is for me to sign out of my personal one and onto this one to update. Curse my naive Tumblr knowledge when I originally started this blog nearly 2 years ago!

Basically what’s happening is, I’m getting rid of it.

It will be deleted at some point today/tomorrow/this weekend.


I have created a new side-blog to my personal which is dedicated to my wonderful bucket of Texan love. From there it’ll be much easier for me to keep you all updated and satisfied with Georgey goodness! :)

So, even though this is a farewell to my beloved fuckyeahgeorgeeads it’s also a big happy hello to Everything Eads

Hope to see you all over there! :)

- ALi. x

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George Eads on set of CSI’s Season 12 promotional photoshoot.
Courtesy of Vernon Cheek on Twitter.


George Eads on set of CSI’s Season 12 promotional photoshoot.

Courtesy of Vernon Cheek on Twitter.

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Anonymous SAID: is this blog still going or have you stopped posting? because nothing ever gets posted anymore.

it’s only going when either me or hollee remember to post. which, as you may have noticed, isn’t very often. and when i’m on here, i usually just end up reblogging stuff i’ve posted on my personal blog which is here

i wish i could say lack of updating is because i have a life, but i don’t, i just forget this blog exists half the time. >.<

- ALi. 

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Day 1 - Favorite Male Character: Nick Stokes

This is obviously a tie for all male characters, I love ‘em all dearly. However, I decided to go out on a limb here and pick Nick Stokes. Blame myself for being such mainstream, but I’m not talking ‘bout the Southern charming side of Nick, it’s the emotional and compassionate side of Nicky that swept me off my feet. I’ve never met a character with so many lives down but still wanting to be a superhero. He’s inspired me. Bad things or not, he somehow managed to survive each and everyone of them. Guns, bombs, stalkers, babes, bugs, buried alive… you name it. And after all these years as a CSI, he still has the heart to linger on cases that he couldn’t solve, and victims that he couldn’t help. This is probably what makes him different from the rest, I guess. Nick Stokes, you’re my hero. (I should have known I’d be writing an essay… >.<)

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yero-my-hero-deactivated2013062 SAID: About the ring Nick/George wears, I think it's a class ring of some sort. If not, it's just a big ring. And the sweat band is to cover up the Hello Kitty tattoo he got when he was drunk.

Simone, I love you. :’)

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I'm not sure about the wristband, but a few people have said the ring has something to do with his college or fraternity. But I've seen him wearing the wristband and the ring outside of CSI, so I'm not sure it has anything to do solely with his character.

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